Where did Hounds & Hers begin?

After seeing the rise in popularity of monthly beauty subscription boxes for hoomans and dog subscription boxes for their pups, we had a thought… ‘Why isn’t there anything for dogs and their owners to enjoy together?’

We walk our dogs, cuddle our dogs on the sofa and share so many experiences with them. BUT, we thought, what if we could provide a fun monthly themed experience for owners to share with their dogs? This is how The Hounds & Hers Club was born in 2019.

We lovingly created the blueprint for a themed monthly box of goodies delivered straight to your door, that turns the postman into your dogs favourite person! We created our Hounds & Hers Club to be an extended community of amazing pawrents and pups who share our love for spoiling their furry besties. And though our subscription boxes are mostly centred around Dog Mamas, all pawrents are of course welcome in the Hounds & Hers Club!

Following the creation of our monthly boxes, we created a Build-a-gift box range, where you can choose a theme and build your very own bespoke gift! Our gift boxes are most often purchased for owners to share with their pups, but you can create a selection for ‘just’ humans and even just for your dog to enjoy on their birthday, arrival or ‘Gotcha Day’s. As long as it brings a smile to someone’s face or a wag to a tail, we’ve succeeded!

 (Our customers even tell us that their pup’s recognise our branding when their boxes arrive which is pawsome!)

The Face (and Paws) Behind H&H

I’d also love to introduce myself. Hi! I’m Ellie, the face behind Hounds and Hers.

After working for Hounds & Hers as a marketing and communications executive, I fell in love with the brand. So, when the chance arose to become the new owner, I jumped at the opportunity. I have been a dog lover (worshiper) since I was about 5, despite not having my own dog for years! But I now have a toy and treat-mad Pomeranian called Teddy (featuring in this picture!) who loves nothing more than running round the office causing mayhem and testing out the products for future boxes.

I cannot wait to share all my exciting plans with you all over the coming months and see what amazing things there are ahead for Hounds & Hers! Thank you for supporting a small, female owned UK business!