Anco Bone Broth 120g | Collagen & Nutrient Rich


Anco’s Collagen and Nutrient Rich Bone Broth Powder

Enhance your dog’s meals with Anco’s premium Bone Broth powder, made from slow-simmered bones to extract the maximum nutrients and collagen. The broth comes in three delightful varieties, catering to different tastes and nutritional needs. (Nutritional info at the bottom of the page)

Age Suitability: 8+ Weeks

Key Features:

  • Varieties: Available in three distinct flavors.
  • Versatile Use: Each pack makes 4 litres of broth when prepared according to the instructions or can be used as a direct sprinkle-on topper for your dog’s meals.
  • Health Benefits: Rich in collagen and essential nutrients, promoting joint health, improved digestion, and a shiny coat.

Why is it beneficial?

  • Collagen: Supports joint health and reduces inflammation.
  • Calcium and Phosphorus: Essential for strong bones and teeth.
  • Glucosamine: Aids in maintaining healthy joints.
  • Essential Amino Acids: Promote overall health and vitality.

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Feeding Guidelines: For dogs that weigh : <10kg= 2tsp, 10-25kg= 3tsp, 25kg+= 4 tsp. For the liquid broth, mix 1 tsp per 100ml fresh boiled water. Mix a small amount of water with the powder to form a paste then add the remaining water. For a thicker gravy like consistency, mix 1 tsp per 50ml. Or sprinkle dry onto food as a topper.

Anco Beef Bone Broth

Ingredients: 100% Beef Nutrient rich bone broth powder from slow-simmered grass fed cattle bones.


  • Ash- 6%
  • Fat- 5%
  • Protein- 99%

Anco Chicken Bone Broth

Ingredients: 100% Chicken Nutrient rich bone broth powder from slow-simmered free range Chicken Bones


  • Ash- 8%
  • Fat- Less than 0.5%
  • Protein- 93%

Anco Fish Bone Broth

Ingredients: 100% Fish Nutrient rich bone broth powder from slow-simmered Atlantic Blue Whiting Bones.


  • Fat- Less than 0.5%
  • Protein- 90%
  • Collagen- 6%


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