Anco Oceans+ Atlantic Cod Cod Coins with Blueberry 50g


Our Oceans+ Coins are the perfect snack-size treat, with a nice crunchy texture that’s perfect for satisfying your dog. An excellent source of healthy protein, low in fat, hypoallergenic and easily digestible so great for those with sensitive tummies or digestive issues.

Ingredients: 95% Atlantic Cod, 5% Blueberry

Composition: Ash 10%, Fat 3%, Protein 80%

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With Cod fished sustainably from the Atlantic Ocean, the Cod is naturally rich in Omega 3.

  • The anti-inflammatory properties of the wild caught Cod make it ideal for any dogs who suffer with joint pain/stiffness or skin problems.
  • Not only that, they are packed with many essential nutrients and vitamins such as naturally occurring Vitamins A+D, which are essential to maintain eye health and for keeping dog’s teeth and bones nice and strong!
  • Then there’s the added superfood – Blueberry! The reason it’s called nature’s superfood, is due to all the benefits it has – Blueberries have a high vitamin C content, helps support healthy skin, coat and heart.
  • They are so nutritionally rich that just a small amount gives them a major vitamin C boost. The anti-oxidants in Blueberries can help support the immune system, protect cells from damage by fighting free radicals, improve cognitive function and help to reduce inflammation and prevent disease.
  • Blueberries also contain minerals that help maintain strong bones as well as Vitamin K, which improves calcium absorption.


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