LOVE CORN Crunchy Corn Snack Sea Salt 45g


Love Corn’s mission is to make you smile and become your favourite snack. The delicious crunchy corn kernels are packed with flavour and made with love.

Love Corn aim to fill the gap for a savoury, healthy and crunchy snack. So go on, open a pack and enjoy The Perfect Crunch.

Product features

  • Set to be your new favourite snack, our savoury selection is packed with flavour and made with LOVE! Our ingredients are as simple as it gets… corn, natural seasoning and sunflower oil. There’s no need to overcomplicate something so crunching’ good!
  • Healthier swap for crisps, pretzels & crackers.
  • Certified Vegan – VEGAN.ORG
  • Gluten-free
  • Kosher – KLBD
  • You look like you enjoy the simple things in life. Well, we’re decked out in the most delicious sea salt and we’re feeling classically cool. Let’s be honest sometimes less is more!
  • Simple Ingredients – crunchy corn, sunflower oil and seasoning
  • Perfect snack on the go size

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