Paw Buddy Paw Cleaner

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Meet Paw Buddy the Paw Cleaner from the Boot Buddy Team.
The brand new Paw Buddy 2.0 allows you to clean your muddy dog or puppy wherever you are. Enjoy the outdoors daily with peace of mind knowing that your pup’s paws are clean and comfortable!
  • Paw-friendly soft bristles specially formulated for dogs
  • Body holds 300ml of water – enough to spot clean most dogs
  • New comb for removing hair and debris from the coat
  • Fantastic way to introduce your puppy to having their paws touched
  • Perfect for puppies that are too young to be bathed
  • No more wrestling your dog at bath time
  • Save on water usage by bathing your dog less
How To Use:
  • Unscrew the comb end, fill with water and then screw back on
  • Untwist the bristle end to open the head and unlock the water flow
  • Squeeze the middle of the Paw Buddy to help water flow and clean those muddy paws!’

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