Savoursmiths Crisps 40g bb 4th July 2024


SAVOURSMITHS is an audaciously luxurious snack brand, that is proud to be launching a better breed of crisp with their exceptionally indulgent, skin-on potato crisps in unashamedly flamboyant flavours.

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Made with home-grown produce from the family farm in East Anglia, harvested and cooked in small batches, SAVOURSMITHS crisps are available in seven unique editions, each one created with the most deliciously decadent ingredients from across the globe.

Obsessive about the best ingredients and farming methods, the brand promises a healthier product of superb quality. Every crisp is cut from the family’s home-grown British potatoes, hand-picked and hand-cooked in small batches. Farm to table is our approach. The whole range uses all natural flavourings and is free from gluten and MSG. The skin is kept on to retain important nutrients.


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